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2014年 02月 06日

The Standard newspaper

The Standard newspaper today!!

香港で最もメジャーな新聞の一つ、「The Standard」、2014年2月6日号にて掲載されました。

Heart warmers
Ivy Ong-Wood
Thursday, February 06, 2014


Valentine's Day this year is extra special because it coincides with the Chinese Valentine's Day - the last time this happened was 19 years ago.
Add that to the fact that 2014 sounds like "I'll love you my entire life" and you can see why February 14 is extra meaningful.

French cookware brand Le Creuset has put together a range of limited- edition pink and heart-shaped stoneware for you to express your love to the special one. Brew hot tea for your love with a pink teapot and serve with two small mugs with spoon or prepare homemade desserts in heart-shaped ramekins with lid.

The Valentine bundles are discounted so, for example, a set of two small flower dishes, and two mini heart ramekins with lids are HK$628 instead of the usual price of HK$1,006. Plus, from now until February 28, you can get instant cash rebates of up to HK$1,800 when you buy Le Creuset products (excepting Valentine's Specials, Try Me, Baby Collection and wine accessories).

If you prefer to give flowers, this year The Candle Company has collaborated with J Grace Flower Arrangement to create a Candle and Rose Valentine's Gift Set (HK$339) for those who want to their gifts to last longer. It includes a Champagne Rose candle with six lifelike artificial red roses and pearls.

The artificial roses are produced by Tokyodo - a company in Japan that has been creating advanced artificial flower development and production since 1976.

Its polyester blooms are known as "magic flowers" because they look almost lifelike. The candle fragrance is a blend of champagne, lychees, red raspberries and velvety rose petals.

Websites: www.lecreuset.com.hk, www.candles.hk


by jgraceflower | 2014-02-06 23:40 | Flower Salon

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